Piolo Pascual thinks about retiring from showbiz

Singer-actor Piolo Pascual spoke about his intention to say goodbye to showbiz. In his words, he thought he needed to attend to his only son, Inigo, spend more time with him and do other stuff as well, while away from celebrities' limelight.

Piolo Pascual

Piolo said, at least before he gets married and settle in life, he will have enough time for himself and enjoy his bachelor life.
I want be able to attend to some other stuff, do some other businesses. I've been so busy with work almost half my life, and I thought, you know, before I get married, at least I'll have time for myself so I can still enjoy my bachelor life
Although not yet fully decided on his new journey away from showbiz, Piolo has the United States as one of the places he would retire to.

Pascual is not on the rush to bid farewell to show business.
I don't know what legacy I'm leaving, but one thing for sure is that I'm grateful for what the Lord has given me. I'm grateful for the chance that I was given

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