Reproductive Health Law: Confirmed constitutional except key provisions on family planning

The controversial 'Reproductive Health Law' has just been backed by the Philippine's Supreme Court, saying it's constitutional except for key provisions on family planning.

Reproductive Health Law

The selected provisions can be found in Section 7 and some parts of Section 23 of the Reproductive Health measure.

While parts of the reproductive health law are still regarded unconstitutional, MalacaƱang opted to keep silent on the issue as yet. Said deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte:
We would have to wait for the entire decision
Early today, while waiting for the results of the deliberation of the high court, a prayer vigil was led by Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines' Father Melvin Castro, inside the Baguio Cathedral before marching toward the SC compound.

The Supreme Court is now holding its annual summer session and is expected to end on April 25.

The Reproductive Health Law or RH Bill went through a 120-day status quo ante order against implementation, which was issued in March last year. (Source)

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