Richard Gutierrez calls Sarah Lahbati 'Ilaw ng Tahanan'

Sarah Lahbati addressed by boyfriend Richard Gutierrez as 'Ilaw ng Tahanan' - a report item that came out on a while ago.

richard-gutierrez-calls-sarah-lahbati ikaw ng tahanan

Whatever the truth behind the said quote is, surely you will know sooner or later.

According to the said article, Sarah did not seem to know what to answer, why Richard called her as such.

Apparently, someone peeked at a photo of the couple, wherein Richard wrote the caption 'Ilaw ng Tahanan'.
Siya na lang ang tanungin n’yo. Ewan ko sa kanya bakit may ganun-ganun pa siyang ano (Sarah L)
When asked about Richard being vocal about their relationship, Sarah replied:
Ang haba ng hair ko! ..I’m grateful, you know he’s an amazing person and nakakatuwa siyempre.
Sarah Lahbati is now back to doing TV projects, this time in TV5. (Source)

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Claire Rafols said...

I'm not really a fan of the two but I guess they are of marrying age.