SIN numbers stolen: 900 from Revenue Canada during 'Heartbleed' breakout

SIN numbers stolen in Canada counted to at least 900, during the breakout of 'Heartbleed Bug', the Canada Revenue Agency reported on Monday.

Social Insurance Numbers

Due to the said incident, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) shut down its electronic services last week to avoid further losses.

Coincidentally, hackers attacked the government computers while they were vulnerable to cyber attack via Heartbleed bug.

The CRA said, it will send registered mails to the 900 affected Canadians to inform them about the situation. CRA commissioner Andrew Treusch said:
we want to ensure that our communications are secure and cannot be exploited by fraudsters through phishing schemes”
CRA also said, the owners of the SIN numbers stolen will be given free access to credit protection services.

Social Insurance Numbers (SIN Numbers) stolen from  Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

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