Sixth sense movie child star - How he looks now?

Haley Joel Osment was just a kid when he came out in the movie 'The Sixth Sense'. He became known for his line 'I see dead people'.

Haley Joel Osment

Now 26 years old, Osment was spotted in New York, while attending the New York premiere after-party for Joss Whedon’s new movie 'In Your Eyes'. He was wearing an impressive beard.

This is how he looks now:

Haley Joel Osment then and now

Haley Joel Osment was no doubt one of best child actors of his time. He was also known for his fantastic performance in  Steven Spielberg sci-fi 'A.I. Artificial Intelligence' in 2001.

Later this year, Haley Joel will star in Kevin Smith’s new horror 'Tusk'. He will also play as Billy Bob Thornton’s son in another new movie 'Entourage'.

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