Famous Tokyo park Umeno Koen (Plum Park) to cut down all of its trees due to plum pox

The famous Tokyo park Umeno Koen (Plum Park) located in Ome, western Tokyo is set to cut down all of its trees due to failure in battling plum pox.

Umeno Koen

Umeno Koen was closed on Friday after hosting its yearly plum blossom festival. The remaining 1,266 plum trees of the park will be cut down as well, after the failure of the previously cleared 2,600 trees to contain a disease outbreak in 2009.

Part of the city's statements released in February says:
It is with great sadness that, in order to stop the spread of the disease and to begin replanting as soon as possible, we will cut down all the plum trees in Umeno Koen
In the near future, when it’s safe for replanting, we will strive to make our city famous for plum blossoms again.
Umeno Koen measures 45-sq.-km and is among the almost a hundred plum blossom viewing spots in Japan.

Plum pox or 'Sharka' is known as the most devastating viral disease affecting stone fruits, including apricots, peaches, plums, and nectarine.

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