Yasmien Kurdi needs throat surgery due to a cyst

Kapuso actress Yasmien Kurdi has just been diagnosed with a cyst in her throat, hence the strange condition of her throat and voice in the past weeks or so.


Kurdi noticed during her simple and usual dialogues in the TV series she is doing - her voice seem to become hoarse so easily.
Nagpacheck-up ako agad nang mapansin ko na kahit simple scene lang na hindi naman ako sumisigaw sa pagda-dialogue, namamaos na ako
Upon doctor's check up, a cyst was seen in Yasmien's throat. She is thereby advised to undergo operation.

Yasmien is worried about the effect of the said cyst to her singing career. She plans to continue singing, and in fact do some recordings in the future, since singing is really her first love in the industry.

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