An Open Letter to Cebu Pacific Airline due to simple error in online booking system

We chanced upon this 'Open Letter to Cebu Pacific Airline' published by a fellow blogger - Geri Barcelona, detailing his ordeal and apparently, failure in seeking a simple correction to his erroneous entry in the airline's web-based booking system.

Open letter to Cebu Pacific Airline

Mr. Barcelona was up to grab a piso fare promo but unfortunately, he entered the wrong return date. He wanted a simple correction.

Here is the letter of Mr. Barcelona, which he sent through the 'Guest Feedback Form' found in Cebu Pacific Airline website.

Open letter to Cebu Pacific Airline

After several tries to reach out to Cebu Pacific Airline, Barcelona finally received a reply.

Open letter to cebu pacific

The appeal was clearly rejected by the airline. Barcelona then made the following counter arguments:

Open letter to Cebu Pacific Airline

Going through the counter statements of Mr. Barcelona, it is clear that his case can be solved by a simple error treatment and common human understanding. While the airline's system and rules maybe upfront, we think there has to be some level of empathy, as what has been ironically mentioned by the guest relations who replied to Barcelona's first letter.

We understand that we are yet to hear the detailed side of Cebu Pacific Airline, but taking on Mr. Barcelona's intention in his open letter, he wanted to make the public aware of the airline's level of customer service.

Mr. Barcelona posted the above-mentioned open letter on his blog. His article can be found here.

In your own opinion, what could have been the steps taken by both parties?

Did you experience the same or similar case? What were the resolutions?

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