Yet, another newborn in Cebu hospital found with tape on her mouth, photos spread online

After the controversial photos of Baby Yohannes with tape across his mouth to stop him from crying non-stop, another parent, also from Cebu posted photos of her baby who undergone the same treatment.

Baby Blaire with tape on her mouth

Apparently, the 22-year-old mother from Cebu also found her newborn daughter Baby Blaire with tape across her mouth, plus a pacifier stuck in.

The incident happened sometime in February, at the nursery of the Cebu Puericulture and Maternity Center.

The young mother decided to post the photos of her daughter out of her disappointment of the hospitals denial of what happened to Baby Yohannes.
I decided to post the photos because I was disappointed when I saw the news about the hospital’s denial during the hearing that this happened
The mother who preferred to stay anonymous said, her daughter was just 2 days old that time. The hospital's reason? To pacify the newborn from crying.

Thinking that taping a baby's mouth is but a part of a normal practice, the mother did not complain.
We did not complain about what happened at the time because I thought it was a normal practice or protocol in the hospital
The hospital, dealing with the recent issue concerning Baby Yohannes is obviously in the hot seat; This new subject is of course an added pressure.

The hospital stood by its nurses as they issued their official denial of what had happened to Baby Yohannes.

We still don't know the real progress of the investigation between the hospital in Cebu and the parents who first filed a complaint, but rest assured findings will be published sooner or later.

After the father of Baby Yohannes learned about the similar experience of Baby Blaire, Ryan Noval appealed and wrote:
I hope you are more than willing to come forward with your incident at the Maternity
I am Ryan Noval and this is my son. They are trying to make us look crazy about our issue. Please help all the babies/ families become aware of their practice
The investigation on the complaint of Ryan Noval and his partner Janice Badocdoc is now in the process.

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