6 Artistic photographs of children, 'crucified' for their supposed oppressors draw heated discussion

The following images, referred to as artistic photographs of children, artistically 'crucified' for their supposed oppressors were produced by Cuban artist Erik Ravelo.

The Untouchables artwork by Cuban artist Erik Ravelo

Ravelo titled his composition 'The untouchables', wherein each kid can be seen photographed while symbolically crucified at the back of an entity symbolizing his / her oppressor.

1. The first image represents pedophilia in the Vatican.

2. Second refers to child sexual abuse in tourism in Thailand

3. Third refers to the war in Syria.

4. Fourth image on trafficking of children's organs on the black market.

5. Fifth for the weapons free in the U.S.

6. And sixth addresses the issue of obesity, usually blamed at the big fast food companies.

While this post in not in any way trying to insinuate an ideology, concept or views, the artwork of Erik Ravelo is indeed provocative in many senses. In fact, it attracted many heated discussions in the social media platforms where it was posted.

What are your thoughts on the artistic photos composed by Erik Ravelo? (Photos: Saudis in USA)

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