Bill seeks to require NBI clearance for plastic surgery

To take on someone possibly trying to avoid arrest and evade criminal liabilities, a bill was filed in the House of Representatives that will require a person to submit a clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) before any plastic surgery can be carried out.

Plastic surgery law in the Philippines

The bill named as 'House Bill 4378' argues that plastic surgeries are not only ways to augment looks but also evade the law, as what has been found out in the recent news, where several crime suspects in the Philippines were able to avoid necessary arrests for years.

Bill 3476 was filed by Quezon Representative Angelina Tan. Under the said possible law:
It shall be the duty of every plastic surgery practitioners to require the submission of the NBI clearance prior to any facial plastic surgery procedure, which shall form part of the patient's medical records
Violating surgeons may earn professional sanctions, like license suspension or cancellation, with matching monetary fines, depending on the court's definition.

The said plastic surgery bill will cover the following 'cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures':
  • blepharoplasty (surgery of the eyelids)
  • facial scar revision
  • forehead lifts
  • hair replacement
  • mentoplasty (surgery of the chin)
  • sugmental lipectomy (surgery beneath the chin)
  • otoplasty (surgery of the ears)
  • rhinoplasty (surgery of the nose), or 
  • rhytidectomy (surgery of the face)
What do you think of this up and coming law on plastic surgery in the Philippines?

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