Carlsbad fire updates: Photos, casualties, map

SoCal fires set ablaze a 400-acre area in in Carlsbad on Thursday, sending land properties to ashes, and thousands of residents to evacuate.

Carlsbad fire

At the moment, there is also a serious threat to nearby apartments and housing areas.

In the latest update, a dead body has been found, a day after the intense rash of fires in San Diego California.

The fires have been triggered by the days of high winds and extreme heat and dry conditions.

Overall, the affected areas in Southern California are estimated as more than 10,000 acres.

Firefighters are now in continuous efforts in battling a fire in San Marcos area north of San Diego.

San Marcos fire fight news update video report:

A home getting ravaged by fire in Carlsbad, SoCal video:

Latest County Fire Maps:

Stay tuned for further news and updates on Southern California fires / Carlsbad fire incident.

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