Cebu nurses deny plastering a baby's mouth to pacify him

The two nurses in a maternity house in Cebu denied the act of plastering the baby's mouth to pacify him - a news that broke out about two weeks ago, wherein parents complained of finding their newborn with tape on his mouth.

Baby in Cebu maternity house

While it was primarily indicated that a nurse did the 'inhuman' and unprofessional behavior, a latest update said otherwise.

The two nurses on duty during the discovery of the incident were identified as Arianne Mae Pacula and Camille Isabela Neri. They both denied the allegation during an investigation conducted by the Regional Subcommittee for the Welfare of Children (RSCWC) last Friday.

The baby's mother recalled, a nurse told her that the baby was crying a lot so they had to plaster his mouth to shut him up.

Surprisingly, the nurses even denied seeing a plaster on the baby's mouth. (Source)

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