China Bombing: 31 people dies in Xinjiang market attack

A civilian market in Xinjiang was attacked on Thursday, killing at least 31 people, while more than 90 were wounded.

china bombing - Xinjiang market

Authorities, including analysts say, there has been a shift in the way how the militant groups are launching their attacks.

Experts issue varied opinions, saying, it has been becoming notable that attacks are now being directed towards the civilians. Unlike before, the direct targets were government officials and police.

Griffith University in Brisbane, professor Michael Clarke said:
In the past in Xinjiang, you had individuals targeting government officials and police
Now, it seems to have made the shift to a much more indiscriminate attack, the model of a classic terror attack.
It's a very large attack in the middle of the regional capital
Clarke noted that the latest China bombing has got a different level of sophistication.

Among the victims of the attack in Xinjiang were elderly people doing their usual daily shopping tasks.

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