Chinese elders commit suicide, allegedly to avoid coffin ban law

At least six elderly residents in China committed suicide before a ban on coffin use gets implemented, AFP News reported.

China graves - elderly people commit suicide in China

By tradition, ancestor worship has been a practice in China. It requires families to construct a tomb for their love ones who passed away.

But a recent campaign of several local governments in China in order to address diminishing land resources and also  to promote cremation triggered a rather bizarre effect.

Allegedly, to avoid the coming new funeral rule, six elderly people decided to end their own lives.

However, a local government's propaganda department told media that the suicides were not caused by the proposed ban.
China is big, death and sickness amongst the elderly is normal
The truth behind this issue could be things to find out and confirm because of the opposing statements and news reports.

Somewhere in China, some local officials have already started a mass campaign to 'flatten graves' in order to create more spaces for development, and also land farming.

A local in Anqing prefecture was quoted saying:
I've had a hard life, and when I'm dead I'd like to sleep somewhere protected from the rain -- inside a coffin.

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