Video: Elliot Rodger 'Tomorrow is the Day of Retribution' before killing spree

Elliot Rodger emerged to have made a sort of 'retribution video' after carrying out his killing spree in Isla Vista near University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Elliot Rodger

Apparently, Rodger also sent a lengthy manifesto, 140 pages to be exact, titled 'My Twisted World' to a number of people, including his parents and even former teachers.

In the said document, Elliot detailed his deadly plots.

In the following video, Elliot Rodger revealed a lot of his frustrations in life, including how he is supposed to enjoy things like women and all but he failed to do so.

Perhaps due to mental disturbance, as what pertinent information say from various health care center professionals who've seen Rodger, he made a kill run in multiple locations near UCSB College on Friday last week.

It is scary how Elliot detailed his threats to other students in the school.

VIDEO: Elliot Rodger talking about his 'Tomorrow is the Day of Retribution'

Before his killing mission, Rodger while in his apartment, stabbed at least three people to death. He committed crimes at multiple locations, reports say. Mostly, the incidences took place at the I.V. Deli Mart, 7-11 nearby, and at the 6500 block of Del Playa.

Elliot Rodger shot himself afterwards. He is the son of Hollywood Director Peter Rodger - Assistant Director of 'The Hunger Games'.

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