Facebook outage affects many users: 'Account Temporarily Unavailable'

Facebook is down at the moment, as many users have experienced a while ago. Some could be, still at the torture of the down service time.

Facebook maintenance

For many users across the globe, Facebook is not working at the moment.

While the Facebook platform is basically 'healthy', some users could be going nuts as of this time, why they cannot access their Facebook accounts.

The issue is site-wide.

Facebook is down

In a prompt action to reach out with Facebook, the response below was given (Techcrunch):
Earlier this afternoon we experienced an issue with our serving infrastructure that prevented some people from accessing Facebook for a short time. We’ve resolved the underlying problem and service is recovering. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.
This phenomenon maybe keeping you from logging in to your Facebook account, but rest assured that the 'service is recovering'.

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