Germiest thing on airplanes identified - did you ever think of it?

So what could be the germiest thing that you can find on the airplanes? A new study conducted by researchers from Auburn University found out something you would not have imagined before.

According to the academic effort, It's your SEAT-BACK POCKET.

How did the researchers conduct the test? They tried to observe how long antibiotic-resistant MRSA and E. coli bacteria could possibly stay alive inside an airplane.

The procedure: Observe the bacteria on six (6) surfaces: Armrest, Tray table, Metal toilet handle, Window shade, both cloth and leather seat pockets.

Surprisingly, the bacteria lived for more than a week inside the seat-back pockets. It makes you wonder how you would be going to stick your hands down there to reach out for the catalogs and even magazines in-flight.

Since a lot of different people board the airplanes, with you having a little or no knowledge if they got colds or something, it just imperative to take extra precautions.

Dried mucous membranes and other yucky things from sneezy passengers  could be lurking somewhere in the planes.

So the next time you board that plane, beware of that little dark dungeon of bacteria, which is no other than your seat-back pockets.

Keep yourself equipped with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and if possible, wear a mask.

Lastly, be mindful that your small tray table, where you could be possibly eating your in-flight meal is located right above the seat-back pocket of the person in front of you. (Source)

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