uploads PNoy's photo named as 'Aquino_nganga.jpg'

On Tuesday, news line was caught with a rather awkward moment when netizen found a nifty information on President Aquino's photo, file named as 'Aquino_nganga.jpg' - uploaded in a news article dated May 27 at 5:23PM.

While Inquirer was quick in its remedial move, the blunder did not escape the cunning eyes of the netizens. Hence, this photo was screen-captured:

Aquino Nganga by Inquirer
The same thing was pointed out by Twitter user Tin Racelis:
And this is why you should watch what you name your files before you upload them online. 
The said article bore the title 'Don't fall for Napoles tricks, Aquino warns'. Inquirer must have edited the news entry, so it looks like this at the moment:

Aquino Nganga photo by Inquirer

The photo of Pres. PNoy in the refined article has the file name 'aquino1.jpg'.

'Aquino Nganga' or PNoy Nganga has been an on-going online meme, taking on the laxities of the President, pointed out by the masses online, via social media networks.

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Jerboy Lupisan said...

Ayos rin ang Inquirer. Hehe.