Maegan Aguilar exposes dad.. says Ka Freddie threw her whole family out

There is a new tone after defending Ka Freddie for marrying a 17-year-old girl - Maegan Aguilar exposed her father of the many things she tried to hide for so long.

Maegan Aguilar slams dad Ka Freddie

Sometime in October last year, Maegan went out to defend his father after being bashed online for marrying an under aged girl.

It turned out, those defenses for her father were all but lies.

Here are some of the surprising findings, as can be deduced from the statements of Maegan herself, as featured in an Inquirer article written by Dolly Anne Carvajal.

Maegan said, her dad threw and her whole family out.
My dad threw me out of his house along with my partner Ali and my two daughters (Anaya Jaira and Mahi Vae) on May 12 which was also the sixth-month birth anniversary of Mahi
One of the causes? Ka Freddie got mad out of rotten vegetables in the refrigerator.
He got mad because the vegetables that he kept in the refrigerator got rotten. I told him I did not touch the veggies because I knew he would get upset.
And other cause - not paying P1,500 back to her father:
He also flared up because I hadn’t paid the P1,500 I borrowed from him. I used the money to buy diapers and milk for Mahi.
I get only P4,000 as salary in [the bar] Ka Freddie’s Tomas Morato. Then he gets mad that we [are] always cash-strapped. It’s his fault. I am underpaid.
But when it [concerns] the family of his young wife … he sends them P9,000 weekly even if they don’t need the money.  Me, all I got were hurtful words.
My family and I are now staying with a bandmate until we find a place of our own. Knowing my dad, he will claim that I ran away. But why would I endanger the lives of my kids, just because of my pride?
He just threw us out—his daughter and grandkids—to live in the streets.
I’m cutting my ties with my Tatay from now on. Anyway, he already has a new family. Truth is, Freddie is a selfish man. I’m done covering up for him.
For him, all that I’ve done amounts to nothing. I ask all music fans to stop supporting Freddie Aguilar and stop going to [his bar] Ka Freddie’s. His earnings will just go to his young wife and her family.
Hire and support us instead. My brothers Jonan, Jeriko and I need to be free from the claws of our father.
I have so much more to expose. Now that I’ve decided to cut ties from him, I will tell the whole truth.
He is a bad man and a negligent father. I had an awful childhood. Not any one of us, his children, did well in show business because he did everything to derail our careers. We lack confidence because he wanted us to fail, so that we would be forever at his mercy. 
I always defended him … even if I got harassed by DOMs (dirty old men) because my father married a minor. I took everything in, out of blind loyalty. 
And he threw us out of the house just because of rotten vegetables. What kind of a father and grandfather is he? Ibang klase siya.
Maegan put on an appeal as well, to help her tell her father about his wrong doings.
I’m appealing to Gabriela and our Muslim brothers and sisters to stop supporting Freddie Aguilar. I need help in this fight. Someone has to stand up to him and tell him that he’s wrong. 
He’s been wrong ever since he left my mother 17 years ago.
This could be a new fight and struggle for the folk musician Ka Freddie Aguilar.

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