Mark Wahlberg to produce reality show 'The Big Brew Theory'

Mark Wahlberg looks to add some more into his production credentials as he hinted to go for the reality show dubbed as 'The Big Brew Theory'.


Wahlberg is already a producer of the reality show Wahlburgers; 'The Big Brew Theory' will be coming underway.

Mark's new reality show will be centering upon four MIT graduate students, who were labeled as 'quirky and highly intelligent.'

The academicians are said to have put their fortune into their utmost dream, that is, a start up brewery. Together, they will try to build their own version of American Dream.

Cooperating with Mark Wahlberg are his usual colleagues Stephen Levinson, Stephanie Drachkovitch, and Bill Thompson.

'The Big Brew Theory' being Wahlberg's fourth reality show with A&E, will be set in the actor's home town in Boston.

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