Mary Anning: British fossil collector remembered by Google

Google remembers British fossil collector Mary Anning on her 215th birthday, which falls on May 21 (Wed). A Google Doodle has the image below for Anning's remembrance.

Mary Anning on Google Doodle

Mary Anning is also a paleontologist. She became known for her findings, specially in the  Jurassic marine fossil beds at Lyme Regis in Dorset. She lived there and spent a lot of her time in honing her knowledge pertaining to prehistoric life, including the history of the Earth.

Anning was not able to fully participate in the reigning scientific community during her time. She was poor and struggle much of her life in terms of finances.

On the other hand, Mary Anning became popular among  geological organizations in Britain, Europe, and America. She was consulted on matters of fossils collection and anatomical issues.

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