Napoles' Kids News: Don't spare them says Senator Bam Aquino

Napoles' Kids News - Senator Aquino said, the children of Pork Barrel Scam suspected 'Mastermind' Janet Napoles should not be spared from the on-going investigation of the matter.

Janet Napoles in hospital

Aquino insisted, Napoles' kids, according to whistleblowers were the ones forging the signatures of the supposed beneficiaries of Malampaya Funds.

The kids of Napoles should be prosecuted as well, according to the Senator. They should not be treated with kids' gloves.

Sources say, the children of Janet, Jo Christine and James Christopher were also recipients of the funds intended for the bogus non-government organizations or NGOs.

In reaction, Malacanang officials said, Napoles' affidavit should be submitted first before any demands could be addressed. The document is expected to be submitted today.

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