New super-heavy Element 117 'ununseptium' confirmed by scientists in Germany

Your periodic table of elements will never be the same again, sooner or later, as the new element sets its place in the old-age mighty list. There is a new element coming up - one that is still unnamed.

Element 117 Ununseptium

But for now, the scientists in Germany who were proponents of studying the said new element, temporarily called it 'ununseptium' or 'Uus' by symbol.

The researchers based in Darmstadt, Germany have been studying the atoms of the 117th element. It is called as such for being an atom with 117 protons.

The unique thing about Element 117 or 'ununseptium' is that, it cannot be found naturally on earth. It has to come from a laboratory synthetic process. Its atomic number is 104.

Prior to the conceptualization of Element 117 is the general knowledge of Uranium as the heaviest element found in nature, having 92 protons count.

However, scientists were able to create a rather heavier material by adding protons into an atomic nucleus using nuclear fusion method.

Element 117 was first noticed and reported in 2010.

The findings on the new heaviest element will be assessed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), to formally decide to accept it, thereby grant it an official name.

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