The Next Generation Elevator - 'Intelevator'. The intelligent voice activated Elevator (Video)

Take the elevator ride of your lifetime by trying the next generation elevator dubbed as the 'Intelevator' - the intelligent voice activated elevator.

Intelevator - voice activated elevator

This awesomely funny and entertaining video from a Norwegian duo who runs the Norwegian talkshow 'I kveld med YLVIS' has been in our Facebook timeline for maybe a week and we just scroll down pass it, thinking it's just an ordinary video that we can find elsewhere.

Until last night, we finally had the time to push the might play button and to tell you the truth, we had an endless laughter from start to finish. These guys are as hilarious as their kind of comedy.

This video of a so-called 'Intelevator', the voice activated elevator has been on YouTube since 2012. It made a round in the social media networks again, this year.

What how the 'Intelevator' works:

Check the guys out at their FB page:

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