Nurse tapes 7-day old baby's mouth for crying non-stop. Photo goes online, upsets netizens

A photo of a 7-day old baby with his mouth taped went online. It earned uproar in the social media.

baby with mouth shut with a tape

The father of the baby posted the picture on Facebook, describing the incident 'inhuman'.

The surprised father of the baby related, he and his wife visited their child at the nursery of a private hospital in Cebu City on Thursday at around 8 p.m., only to find out that the poor baby has his mouth shut with a tape.

Apparently, a nurse did the taping, saying, the baby was crying non-stop.

The father complained on Facebook:
Was there just NO TIME to check that? Do you just put tape over a baby’s mouth just because he’s too noisy? Did you take time to inspect and do your job properly? ARE YOU RESPECTABLE???
When the parents asked the nurse to remove the tape, they got this rather surprising response:
You can go ahead and take it off yourself, Ma’am.
The father of the baby further said, while removing the tape, the nurse intervened and that's when another disgusting thing happened.
The attending nurse had to eventually take it off herself and eventually do (sic) it and in the process, a piece of his upper lip’s skin ripped off with the tape as the nurse removed the tape
The parents called their experience as:
..not even close to being professional or humane
Later to know the baby's bottom was wet already and that in needed changing.

After reporting the incident to the attending desk office of the hospital at the time, the father was asked to remove the photos he posted online.

The father had the following statements:
The hospital has not really satisfied our concerns and they will have an emergency meeting about the situation,” he said, adding, that the baby remains in the hospital for other reasons. 
They handle your children there like puppies out of a dog pound. I personally have seen this with my own eyes and I am very surprised this is what people call ‘a respectable establishment’
Be careful of how you are leaving your little kids, and this one happened right inside a nursery where your newly born and fragile babies are supposed to be taken care of at the utmost. (Source)

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