Student captures a video inside the capsizing Sewol South Korean Ferry (Video)

A student, one of the passengers of the sunken Sewol South Korean Ferry was able to record a video inside the ship.

Video captured inside sinking ferry sewol

It was a terrifying scene, although some students can be heard pulling off some unsuspecting reactions - some of them even said "It's like we're becoming the Titanic". Little do they knew, it was indeed their last moments.

Also, in the recorded video, teens can be heard joking about taking their "..commemorative pictures". "This is fun", one of them said.

The South Korean Ferry Sewol had 476 passengers, where 325 of them were students on the way to Jeju, from Incheon  for a field trip.

The ferry captain Lee Joon-seok, including other crews who survived the incident have been arrested for their call of action, causing the death of the hundreds of students on board the ferry.

There was even a video where Captain Lee can be seen fleeing the boat while it is sinking.

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