Photos of dead turtles found in the seized Chinese vessel '09063' at Hasa-Hasa Shoal

The following photos are gruesome enough to see what has been done to the natural resources found in the waters of the West Philippine sea.

Chinese Fishing Boat seized at West Philippine Sea Hasa Hasa Shoal

On May 6 (Tues), at least one Chinese fishing vessel was apprehended by the Philippine maritime police, while patrolling the country's exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

The maritime police detained 11-member crews of the 15-ton Chinese fishing boat.

The seized Chinese fishing boat manned by Chen Hi Quan was found with at least 120 live and 234 dead turtles.

The seizure of the vessels prompted China to demand for the immediate release of the Chinese fishermen and their boat, under the argument that the shoal is part of their territory.

Beijing’s foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told press:
We ask the Philippine side to give their explanation and deal with this case properly
We ask the Philippine side to release the vessel and crew, and we urge the Philippine side to stop taking further provocative action
The Philipine's Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) responded:
The seizing of the Chinese fishing boat, carrying large numbers of endangered species, and the apprehension of its crew by the Philippine National Police Maritime Group Special Boat Unit were undertaken as actions to enforce maritime laws and to uphold Philippine sovereign rights over its EEZ
Here are the photos of the turtles found on board the apprehended Chinese fishing vessel:

Turtles on boardChinese Fishing Boat Hasa Hasa Shoal

Turtles on boardChinese Fishing Boat Hasa Hasa Shoal

Turtles on boardChinese Fishing Boat Hasa Hasa Shoal


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