Video montage of aspiring young politicians in Singapore slammed for sounding robotic

Young and aspiring politicians of People’s Action Party (PAP) in Singapore uploaded a video montage about their start up slogans; They got criticized online for sounding 'robotic'.

People’s Action Party video montage

The group is hoping to send a message regarding 'servant leadership', strengthening heritage and emotional connection for all Singaporeans, but no matter how they tried to use the charm of video campaigning, online viewers found their material either hilarious or funny.

Some of the comments in the Facebook Page 'Must Be Singapore' where the video was posted are:
Sad to see youths talking like parrots and reading scripts with bad diction and pronunciation (Caroline Thomas Lingham)
And here kids you find yourself a bunch of brainwashed young adults. They even sound like robots. Amazing (YouTuber Hirzie Zulkiflie)
Whoaaaaaa!!! Sorry people I can’t help it but laugh. (Malay actor Ahmad Stokin )
Primary school students can think n speak better (Sheik Umar Sathique)
Watch the video and see for yourself:

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