Shakira suffers 'lip sync' disaster at Billboard Awards 2014

Shakira was not spared by the social media people, particularly the watchful fans who took to Twitter to mock her lip syncing at the recently conducted Billboard Awards 2014.

shakira lipsyncing at bbma 2014

The 37 year old singer performed her song 'Empire' during the awarding ceremony; The delays between her voice and the sound that was coming out from the speakers out are awful according to the fans' taste.

Shak's lip syncing disaster became a point of discussion on Twitter. Some of the remarks were as follow:
I can lipsync this song better than Shakira and I've never even heard it
Why [does] Shakira look like she's in a bad kung fu movie???
One Twitter user even used Shakira's song 'Hip Don't Lie' to comment:
Shakira's hips might not lie but her lips do!
Watch Shakira's performance (lip syncing) of her song 'Empire' on Billboard Music Awards 2014 #BBMAs

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