Vic Sotto on 60th birthday, acknowledges relationship with Pauleen 'not ideal'

Veteran comedian Vic Sotto went tearful and nostalgic as well, as he thanked his relatives and friends for giving him a surprise party on his 60th birthday.

Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna 60th birthday

Vic thanked everyone who attended the occasion, specially his children, siblings and friends who stood by him at all times.
Thank you sa Panginoon for giving me such wonderful and understanding children
Thank you for my very good friends, pareng Tony (Tuviera) and pareng Joey (de Leon), ang aking mga kapatid who never fail to look after me.
The new senior citizen Vic Sotto addressed the public seeing his relationship with 25-year-old girlfriend Pauleen Luna 'not ideal'.
Alam kong hindi rin ideal yung ating relationship
You have a lot to go through in dealing with me, 'cause if you deal with me you deal with all these people.
Pauleen Luna posted this on Instagram:
Today, I saw happiness in Vic's eyes, the kind of happiness that no one can ever buy. He's truly a blessed man, in all ways. I am happy to have seen this with my own eyes. And also, to be a part of his life. God is really the best
Both Sotto and Luna are still silent when it comes to their engagement and wedding.

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