To save her pet dog, a woman had to fight a python

It may not be exclusive to women in Hong Kong but what the owner of a mongrel Dexter did is simply scary. She fought against a big Burmese python to save her pet dog.

Burmese python

The scene where a huge Burmese python is trying to coil around the dog, plus the predator roaming around the park in a city is definitely something.

The dog owner Courtney Link, told Sunday Morning Post - the snake, which measured more or less 16 feet tried to take on her dog.
When I suddenly saw the snake's head, I just started stabbing furiously
She then resorted to use a knife after failing to shoo away the snake by hitting it with her fists. Only then, the python released the poor pet.

Burmese pythons are considered as one of the largest natural predators in Hong Kong. The animal can grow up to six meters long and weigh more than 100 kilograms. (Source)

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