Benham Rise: A plateau rich in gas and mineral deposits, says UP scientist

Benham Rise, an elevated plateau off the coast of Aurora province is seen as an economic booster, based on the hints of the preliminary study conducted by the team of a UP scientist.

Benham Rise location map

According to Professor Hildie Nacorda of the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute, Benham Rise could be rich in marine resources.

Benham Rise has just become a part of the Philippines, called its 'extended continental shelf'. The area measures 13-million hectares.

Nacorda hinted that the Philippines can initiate explorations on the waters above the plateau.

The scientist also suspected that Benham Rise could be a home to rich deposits of gases and minerals. There is a big economic boost to come because of the expanded marine territory of the Philippines, added Nacorda.
We can explore possibilities of what we can do with the bottom (seabed). So, if there are resources there, mineral resources, natural gas, we can benefit from them economically, because it now belongs to the state
The United Nations approved the Philippines' claim of the Benham Rise on April 12, 2012.

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