Caught on cam: 'Kotong cops' flag motorcycle rider in Taguig. Watch the encounter and dialogue!

A police tandem in Taguig City, Metro Manila was caught on video camera by the very motorcycle rider they flagged for a vehicle verification procedure.

Taguig Kotong Cops

The scene you are about to watch is very common in the Philippines, specially in the metropolitan Manila; You just suddenly get apprehended by police officers out of nowhere.

Here is the video:

There is a lot of points raised by the comments in the Facebook page where this material was posted. Some say, the biker was at fault, while others bash the men in uniform.

If you noticed, the motorcycle in question looks like a Honda Wave or of similar type with that of the underbones. Wherein, they are not the type of the motorcyles you can see around with a side car. Meanwhile, the police offiers pointed out that the paper the biker showed, states that the motorcycle has a side car.

Who do think is / are at fault? Are there things violated in the course of the conversation?

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