Clive Palmer news: United Party leader apologizes to Credlin

Clive Palmer wrote a letter of apology to Prime Minister Tony Abbott's chief-of-staff Peta Credlin, after a debate on Monday, which tackled the Australian government's 'paid parental leave scheme'.

Clive Palmer

During the heated discussion, Palmer said Credlin would be benefiting big time from the said program if she gets pregnant. Unknowingly, Credlin is indeed pregnant and that she has been having issues conceiving through 'In vitro fertilisation' or IVF.

In his letter, Palmer said, he made such a remark due to the mere fact that the topic was a big controversy.
I told her it was a matter of great regret if there was any way I offended her personally. (Palmer)
While Palmer stood firm on his ground arguments and stand, Mr. Abbott told reporters that Palmer must have misunderstood the entitlements the policy could give:
So before he goes out and attacks people he really ought to understand the policy, and he doesn't (Abbott)

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