The controversial lap dance during TOYCON 2014 - Video highlights

Did you ever imagine a lap dance performance done in a ToyCon? Well, what happened during the first day of the 13th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention this year could be the first instance of it.

ToyCon 2014

The said lap dance from one of the ladies of UNO Magazine, a local male adult entertainment magazine, which happens to be one of the sponsors of ToyCon 2014, became controversial to some of the attendees.

Otakultura referred to the segment of the Toycon as 'too much' and '..out of place, unnecessary, and degrading'. To think that the event is originally for toys and such and  that there were kids in attendance as well, the lap dance thing just crossed the line.

If you happen to watch the video of the said lap dance, you would see why the added assortment to the toy conference is very close to being labeled as 'NSFW' (Not Safe/Suitable For Work).

We would love to show you the video clip of the ToyCon 2014 lap dance but since it is came to us quite unsuitable for the toys domain, we are leaving it at your end to search for it on YouTube. It should be there already. For now, here's what we captured from the video:

ToyCon 2014 lap dance 1

ToyCon 2014 lap dance video

ToyCon 2014 lap dance photo

ToyCon 2014 lap dance snapshot

ToyCon 2014 lap dance capture

ToyCon 2014 lap dance performance

In the next ToyCon, perhaps you should consider accompanying your kids just in case.

The ToyCon 2014 was held on June 20, 21 till 22 at SM Megamall, Megatrade Halls in Mandaluyong City.

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