Erap defends grandson Jolo Estrada against lavish lifestyle accusations

The son of now detained Senator Jinggoy Estrada has been spotted on social media platform Instagram flaunting his expensive belongings and other luxuries: A Louis Vuitton shoes, a ride on a private jet (?), stay in a presidential suit at Manila Hotel, and a diplomat passport to name a few.

Former President, now Manila Mayor Joseph 'Erap' Estrada defended his grandson Jolo Estrada against 'superstar lifestyle' accusations circulating around.

Jolo Estrada
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The online commotion broke out shortly after the surrender of Jolo's father to the authorities due to plunder and graft charges.

In the series of 'superstar lifestyle of Jolo Estrada' online postings, one of the photos showed the actor's Louis Vuitton (LV) shoes, then a seemingly luxurious stay in a presidential suit at the Manila hotel.

Erap said, it's just a shoes, and he can buy it. In the family, no relative even own a helicopter, the Manila Mayor added.

Meanwhile, Jolo's uncle, Jude said, the kid's stay in the high profile suit was just a complimentary.

The Louis Vuitton shoes and the suit have been addressed, but so far, not the diplomat passport.

Perhaps, we can just tune in for further news and updates or clarifications for that matter.

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