Disgusting Shawarma preparation photo went viral on social media

You might not look at Shawarma the same way again! How about a Shawarma prepared by stacking the meat on a long vertical skewer using the workers' mighty feet?

Shawarma preparation photo

This gross photo of a Shawarma preparation went viral on social media, which called a lot of concerns on hygiene and sanitation.

Due to the alarms it triggered, the issue was taken into serious investigation.

From the looks of it, the Shawarma fear can now be 'put to rest' as the General Director of the Environmental Health Department in Riyadh, Mohamed Moaamn confirmed that the photo was actually taken in a Turkish restaurant in Turkey. It first appeared in a Turkish website.

The investigation was carried out as per instructions from the Mayor of Riyadh Region, Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al-Mokebel, Arab News reported on Monday.

The Environmental Health Department in Riyadh thanked the vigilance of the public to notice and report the said unhygienic practice in preparing Shawarma.

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