Group releases response song 'Ibaba Sa Lupa' to Senator Bong Revilla's 'Salamat Mga Kaibigan'

In its website, #ScrapPork Network published a response song 'Ibaba Sa Lupa' to Senator Bong Revilla's 'Salamat Mga Kaibigan', which he played after a privilege speech on Pork Barrel Scam on Monday.


The group came up with 'award-winning composer' Gary Granada's 'Ibaba sa lupa'. The song speaks about sentiments towards corruption done by the country's public officials.

Listen to 'Ibaba Sa Lupa' (audio)
Words and music by Gary Granada
Additional lyrics by Syke and OG Sacred
Performed by Gary Granada featuring OG Sacred, dianne santos, syke, isha and SPN Chorus
Produced by syke and Isha Abubakar for SPN
Recorded by Mark Estandarte at Strawberry Jams Studios
According to Michelle Estor, #ScrapPork Network spokesperson, the song has long been conceptualized; It was recorded over the weekend. It was originally scheduled for publication on June 12, during the group's protest in Manila.

Image: #ScrapPork Network

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