Hologram projecting smartphones, 'The Next Big Thing'?

Are you ready for the advent of hologram projecting smartphones?

3D hologram projecting smartphones

Top tech and news sites say, you can forget retina display and 2k or 4K smartphone screens, but instead tune in to the coming of the smart phones that can project holographic images!

The Wall Street Journal featured a special chip produced by Ostendo, a US-based developer of next-generation display technologies - captioned as 'Pictured, a company chip that can produce a hologram'.

The not-so distant coming of the hologram enabled smartphones is seen to cut the trend of strapping bulky equipment to one's head in order to execute the projection.

Release of hologram capable smartphones: Reportedly, since Ostendo already signed deals with certain phone makers, smartphone consumers can expect the 3D image projection technology before the end of 2015.

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