Latest Pinoy slang: Pinoy relationship statuses

Know the latest Filipino slang on relationship status circulating around social media

Pinoy relationship status slang

Do you know the meaning of MOMOL, COCOL, HOHOL? These are just some of the trending Pinoy relationship statuses that you can see in the social media, and it is getting popular.

As the Filipino youths continue to become so much engrossed with the use of slang in their day to day routine, a lot of them refer to their relationship conditions using acronym-looking terms, where some of them may also sound like a code.

What are these so-called Pinoy relationship statuses? Indulge with the list below, as per published on

COCOL – coffee coffee lang; Two people in a small coffee session

HOHOL – hang-out hang-out lang; Two people hang-out almost everyday, but no kissing or touching.. just hanging out.

MOMOL – make-out make-out lang; May fall on 'friends with benefits' kind of thing.

MU ­– for mutual understanding

Dating – as in dating (movie dates, eating out, etc.)

Exclusively Dating – dating someone or an exclusive person.

Friends with Benefits – speaks for itself

MOMOX – make-out make-out extreme; Looks like MOMOL, but at the extreme stage kind of thing.

MOMOWL – make-out make-out with LOVE; It's when two people in MOMOL finally fall in love.

You think you want to use some of those?

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