YouTube sensation Moymoy Palaboy to separate for good?

Moymoy Palaboy is set to go separate ways at least for the time being, as Roadfill, the other guy of the tandem has been booked to join the casts of the movie 'Overtime', starring Richard Gutierrez.

Moymoy Palaboy

The siblings have been together in YouTube and TV, including movies and other gigs. But they have also been contemplating on having each of their own names for individuality's sake.

The brothers like the way how things are progressing with them. Since it has been their plans to do things separately, this new project for Roadfill could be the catalyst.

Roadfill cleared that he and his brother are really into exploring in their careers.
Gusto ko rin namin 'yon eh, nag-e-explore kami. Actually kahit siya (Moymoy), gusto niya ring maghiwalay kami sa projects. Pero hindi kami magkaaway ha
Joining the movie 'Overtime' is something that is really new to Roadfill, as it is the first time he will be doing quite a lot of works in his role.
Ito 'yung first time na medyo may gagawin ako, na ako lang talaga, na wala siya (Moymoy). Kahit na anong character man ang ibigay sa 'kin, siyempre paghahandaan ko at pagbubutihan ko
Moymoy Palaboy started out as a YouTube figure who brought parody video making and lip syncing into a new level. You may also catch them on GMA Network's gag show 'Bubble Gang' every Friday night (Philippine Time).

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