PNP issues memo on cops caught violating traffic laws and reported via social media

PNP Personnel Violations Reported and Captured in the Social Media
The Philippine National Police's Directorate for Police Community Relations (DPCR) issued a memorandum, apparently addressing the netizens reporting of police related traffic rules and regulations violations on social media.

Here is a snap shot of the memo, dated June 23, 2014 in full:

PNP memo for traffic rules violating personnel

The memo stressed that the PNP personnel should 'uphold the law and promote the culture of professionalism'.

Among the violations quoted by the PNP DPCR are the following:

1. Improper use of vehicle plates
2. Non compliance with proper uniform
3. Improper use of government vehicles
4. Violations of traffic rules, and
5. Non-observance of discipline while on duty

Police without helmet on motorcycle
A policeman without helmet on-board a scooter with improper license plate
The memo is indeed a positive response to the commendable efforts of the netizens in bringing vigilance to another level. In this case, social media networking sites do work as catalysts to change and reform. (Source - News and photos)

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