Portable Wind Turbine Generator for cyclists and bikers - by Thanko Inc. (JP)

If you are a cyclist or a motorbike rider and is always on the go, this must-have add-on will be one of your greatest companions - a portable wind turbine generator.

Wind turbine charger

A Japan-based company Thanko Inc. offers the said environment friendly gadget that you can use to power up your smartphones, tablets, iPhones and the like.

The add-on works by generating electricity for 2-size AA rechargeable batteries. When attached to a bicycle or motorbike, the turbine generator starts to store power.

Wind charger gadget for bikes

The wind generator got five (5) connecting cables that you can use to feed power to your gadgets.

You can also choose to take out the AA batteries and use them in other devices such as flashlights, and the like.

You think this mobile wind powered charger is cool? We think so too.

Price: ¥4,980 (~49 USD)
Size: 80.5x69.5x103mm
Weight: 124g  

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