Pork barrel scam news: Whistleblowers Pres. claims to hold 4 scandal videos of Sec. De Lima

Reportedly, the known president of the Whistleblowers Association of the Philippines, Sandra Cam is holding at least four (4) scandal videos of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima.

Sandra Cam vs Leila De Lima

As per Manila Bulletin's report on Friday, Cam claimed to have gotten four clips of De Lima engaging in a scandalous affair with his driver and bodyguard.

If this news has the ultimate veracity, we can say, this Pork Barrel Scam has completely gone to a whole new level.

Addressing Cam's accusation and threat, Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said, what the 'Whistleblowers leader' said is 'foul and below the belt'.

Cam is bold enough to challenge De Lima to file a libel suit so that the evidences can be brought to the court.

De Lima on the other hand, said she would not spend a fraction of her time filing a case against Sandra Cam.

Is there any truth in the claims of Cam regarding De Lima's alleged illicit affair?

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