Another photo of Sarah Lahbati with Baby Zion released. Baby's face still hidden

A photo of actress Sarah Lahbati and her son Baby Zion went online two days ago, followed by Richard Gutierrez' admission of being a proud father.

In another installment of what seems to be the gradual revelation of the bigger picture of Sarah and Richard's new family, another set of photos emerged online, where one of them, as posted by Richard himself on Instagram, is showing Sarah cuddling her son, whose face is still hidden.

Sarah Lahbati baby

The other photos, reportedly released by an entertainment magazine show Sarah while still pregnant.

The parents of Richard have got some words pertaining to the trending topic involving their son and his girlfriend, apparently with a son to reveal to the public, fully, sooner or later.

Eddie Gutierrez spoke of his family as a circle that stays intact at the end of the day, amid misunderstandings. Eddie's wife Annabelle Rama is more than happy that her family is still together after all the controversial issues that came up recently.

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