Smart bedroom storage ideas: Cool, Minimalist, and Comfortable

Struggling to find suitable bedroom storage ideas for your house? The following cool, minimalist, and comfortable list might be the solution you need.

bedroom storage ideas

A lot of us are worried about how to fix the clutters in the room, and with these cool ideas, a hundred or so dollars in your purse could be saved.

Take a look at these clever bedroom storage ideas:

Thinking Tall - instead of using bedside tables, bedside towers are used. Source:

bedroom storage ideas - thinking tall

Utilize underbed space - pull out drawers are great substitute for bin bags and cardboard boxes. Source:

smart bedroom storage ideas

Blanket box - those boxes can store the pillows as well. Buy those with padded top to compliment to the feeling of comfort inside your room. Source:

genius bedroom storage ideas

Mirrored wardrobes - this serves in two ways: stores the clutter away and at the same time, reflect light and intensify the idea of space in a room. Source:

comfortable bedroom storage ideas

Do you have your own bedroom storage ideas list? Share them here.. we might just feature or add them in this minimal compilation.

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Jerboy Lupisan said...

Always been a fan of minimalism. These are cool ideas.