Starbucks to offer wireless phone recharging using Powermat tech, soon in Europe and Asia

Starbucks Corporation (US) is soon to place a wireless phone recharging facility, reported by Businessweek on Thursday.

starbucks wireless recharging with powermat
The coffee chain company is obviously on the road to intensify its drive in offering wireless technology service.

In collaboration with Duracell Powermat, Starbucks customers in the US can recharge their mobile devices wirelessly.

With the Powermat in place, coffee drinkers can just put their smartphones and tablets atop certain spots to initiate recharging.

At the present, Starbcuks shops located in Boston and San Jose, California, already have the Powermat service rolling.

Here is an interview-demo video done by Red Touch Media:

Within a year, Starbucks hopes to pilot run the Powermat project in Europe and Asia.

Tech savvies and coffee shop goers, this could be one of the great things you've been waiting for.

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