Disturbing photos from inside a Chinese noodle factory go viral

These disturbing photos taken from inside a Chinese noodle factory located in Guangdong Province, China must be something for the noodle lovers out there!

In the composite photo can be seen employees of the said noodle house doing something filthy and is obviously over the basic hygiene standards.

Stinky Feet Rice Noodle - Tongcheng Rice Product Factory

The filthy images of what is going on inside the noodle factory, apparently workers stepping and walking on the very noodle strings you could be sipping the soup of, appeared on a Chinese micro-blogging, Twitter-like tool Sina Weibo.

Comments of the netizens in Sina Weibo labeled the scandalous photos as 'Stinky Feet Rice Noodle'. Others say, the said company must suffer the wrath of bankruptcy.

According to the Food and Drug Bureau of Dongguan city, the rice noodle factory in question is the 'Tongcheng Rice Product Factory'. It has long been a violator of hygiene rules and regulations. It has been ordered suspension if no corrective measures can be done.

Since the above photos emerged just recently, one may suspect that the particular noodle making company is still on the go, doing its usual routine.

Full report on 'Disturbing photos from inside Tongcheng Rice Product Factory' can be found here.

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