DFA answers why Jolo Ejercito has a diplomatic passport

Jose Luis "Jolo" Ejercito, the son of Senator Jinggoy Estrada has been making a buzz in the social media for having a diplomatic passport, allegedly posted on an Instagram account he is maintaining.

The criticisms poured in, ever since the netizens knew that the Senator's son is indeed living a luxurious life. One of the things that Jolo seemed to show off was his diplomatic passport.

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After the verbal defense of his grandfather, former President and now Manila City mayor Joseph 'Erap' Estrada, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) hopped into the discussion to issue an explanation why the young Estrada possesses a diplomatic passport.

As per regulations, 'spouses and unmarried minor children' of certain principals entitled to diplomatic passports maybe issued the same. However, such passports can only be used while travelling with the principals.

That being said, DFA spokesman Charles Jose stressed that Jolo Ejercito cannot execute a personal travel using his diplomatic passport. The travel has to be official and with the principal.

A diplomatic passport is valid on a per travel basis, Spokesman Jose added.
This is how the diplomatic passports and official passports work. Valid siya on a per travel basis. So it will not be valid for use kung hindi sya revalidated by the DFA. For it to be revalidated, the requesting office for example should submit a travel order approved by their principal. So kung hindi revalidated, hindi papayagan ng immigration na makalabas regardless kung valid sya sa year

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